William Hogarth was more than just a painter;
he was born in 1697 and died in 1764,
A humorist, Satirist and chronicler of the times, 
his work stands alone in embodying the spirit of England.
As a student at Sir James Thornhill's academy, 
he met his future wife, the daughter of Sir James Thornhill. 
This liaison caused much controversy and the subsequent
elopement led to a Georgian scandal for which Hogarth himself 
was greatly criticized and accused of being an ambitious 
opportunist.The Harlot's Progress was the key to his success, 
unparalleled by any other artist of his day, which subsequently 
led to the invention of copyright for artists, known as 
"The Hogarth Act". He had his work, Jane her place within the 
town. Jane worked hard for the Chiswick community and donated 
money to the parish school. Every Sunday, she would attend 
St.Nicholas's Church.Her face often appears in Hogarth's works, 
a testament to their enduring love, their only sorrow was that
they were never blessed with their own children. Therefore 
they dedicated their lives to helping orphan children of the 
Foundling Hospital and they adopted many children there.
William Hogarth was a rising star; he introduced an entirely 
new medium in the early 1730's: The Modern Moral Subject. 
The idea was to paint a series of pictures which told a bigger
story. Through his talent, he exposed the seamier side of 
human nature.
Nick Hogarth & David Malin with Handels 
Organ at The foundling Hospital London