•Hogarth• A new Musical
Presentation that includes Spectacle,
Love, Fun, Celebration, Poverty & Passion •
• Experience the Adventures & Excitements
of William Hogarth's England •
In this eighteenth century theatre extravaganza, the life of
William Hogarth is played out for the audience.
From his humble beginnings as the son of a scholar who
opened a Latin speaking coffee house near Bartholomew fair,
Hogarth rose to become England's greatest satirist with the
darkly satirical Harlot's Progress.

During the show, the audience will be transported into
Hogarth's paintings. Using state of the art projections and
5 Point surround sound, combined with live action, the
characters will come to life in this Exciting new adaptation.
Drawing from William Hogarth's vivid depiction of
eighteenth century England, David Malin & Nick Hogarth
created The Hogarth Operita. Beautifully scored and sung
live by the company this show brings the sights, smells, and
sounds of eighteenth century London to bustling life