Waste Management

Kevin Wren Electrical Contractor ensures good Site Waste Management Practices are maintained by: Ordering the amount of materials needed as accurately as possible; Arrange 'just in time' deliveries to reduce storage and material losses; Consider the source of materials (Is the company certified with environmental standards? Quality materials and recycled materials may prove cheaper). Considering the packaging used for materials delivered to the site Ensuring that deliveries are rejected if damaged or incomplete Making sure storage areas are safe, secure and weatherproof (where required) Storing liquids away from drains, burns and in bonded areas to prevent pollution. Ensuring options for the use of reclaimed and recycled construction materials that meet the materials specification are considered. Recycling suitable spoil, demolition materials and surplus construction material arising from the works on site to avoid the need to transport materials. Keeping the site tidy to reduce material losses and waste. Promoting good practice awareness as part of health and safety induction / training for workers onsite. Segregating different types of waste as they are generated using different skips where possible (given the space available). Where space permits at a minimum there will be skips for wood, inert and mixed materials, if there is a shortage of space and not enough room for multiple skips get a licensed waste management company to deal with waste. Promoting energy saving tips and recycling schemes to local residents when onsite.


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